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October 21, 2015

Master Plan project begins for downtown Rapid City

The City of Rapid City, with assistance from consulting firm Progressive Urban Management Associates of Denver, recently began work on a new Master Plan for Downtown Rapid City.

The new Master Plan will cover the area from North Street near the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center to South Street, just south of Rapid City High School; and West Boulevard to the School of Mines campus.

Sarah Hanzel, Long Term Planner for the city’s Community Planning & Development Services Department, said special emphasis will likely be placed on the area between the School of Mines and the current central business district. It’s a natural area of growth, she said, and the relationship between the school and the downtown business district has been strengthened in recent years.

The process, expected to be completed in late June, will involve public outreach meetings such as open houses, surveys, working group meetings and other events. In addition, PUMA, the consultant, has created a website to share information with the public throughout the process. The pdf PROJECT TIMELINE (63 KB) outlines each step in the process.

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